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Over and Out November 18, 2007

We finally have WordPress (and our 'Out and About' WordPress template) up and running!

Check out our new blog at: http://familyblog.spritzerleyba.com/

Please update your bookmarks and feeds accordingly!
(I will set up a redirect here soon.)


Photography Portfolio November 17, 2007

I have a host of to-dos before the baby arrives: finish unpacking, order layette and baby gear (unpack, wash, put away), create a photo album with my favorite photos from our wedding, stock the freezer, move this journal over to WordPress (almost done!), etc.

One of the projects that has been on the back burner, but that I have strongly wanted to complete, is an updated photography portfolio. It's been mostly done for over a year, needing just those final touches and corrections before the final upload. So, after an evening of coding and adding an events section, my new photography portfolio is live. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

As always, it's a work in progress. (Though who knows when I'll get around to updating it again once the baby gets here!)


Month Seven Poll November 15, 2007

When will our baby arrive? I was born three weeks early, David almost two weeks late. We each arrived when it was the right time for us and were perfectly healthy.

Please leave a comment and guess the baby's birthday! My due date is February 3rd.

(We need to work out some prizes for the person who guesses the closest date!)


january 32nd. :)

Posted by mara on November 15, 2007

I'm thinking January 28th.

Posted by Tyler on November 16, 2007

Oh, what a nice poll!

My guess is


'cause I like the 02.02 pattern so much :)

Posted by Thorsten on November 17, 2007

I think the baby is one week early -- January 27th.

Posted by Vera on November 17, 2007

January 18th!

Posted by Mom on November 17, 2007

Transformation into a Home November 14, 2007

Window texture at sunset. We tacked up this beautiful paper on our front door.
Little decorating details like this are slowly making our rental feel like home...

We are slowly unpacking and turning this house into our home. The first thing we did when we moved in (after unpacking basic kitchen and bathroom supplies) was unpack our books. I feel like this somehow provides brilliant insight into who David and I are and what we value, but I am not quite sure what it is other than the fact that it shows how we love to read and missed our books at our last place (we only unpacked around 5 of the 20 boxes there).

The rest of the unpacking has been slow and steady. We've been here over a month and we still haven't unpacked our clothes -- we've been washing the same two weeks worth of shirts/pants, etc. over and over again since we moved in. That's one of the projects I plan to tackle this week: sort, purge, wash, put away. (For example, I've decided that I really don't need to still be wearing shirts from middle school. You think I am kidding?!) I also want to set aside my favorite pre-maternity clothes, so I have some cozy and loved things to wear after the baby comes.

Because my belly is so in the way now, I tend to drop food on it all the time. David says this is just a preview of our life to come with the kids: we will be wearing stained clothes for the next few years... unless a miracle occurs and we can suddenly afford to dress like those girls on Sex and the City and only wear our outfits once. Ha!


you know those millions of camp shirts i ended up collecting? and never wore because they were too manky or stained or whatever? i made a quilt out of them. just cut out the design on the front/back that i wanted to save and backed it with flannel. my favoritest thing to curl up on the couch with.

...something to consider.

Posted by mara on November 14, 2007

Congrats on whatever you got done!! Remember, you are already doing something when you are doing nothing!! And doing a mighty fine job at it as well! You're growing a wonderfully healthy baby! Bravo!


Posted by Mom on November 17, 2007

A day in the life November 13, 2007

28 weeks pregnant -- arms crossed, posing in front of our new bedroom curtains

and the only time you'll catch me lying flat on my back...

Today I got up at 5am so I could spend some time with David before he headed off to Colorado (for a business trip), replied to some emails and tried to troubleshoot Wordpress errors on my Audrey Hepburn Tribute website, headed out to yoga, ran into my friend Chelsea (and got to say bon voyage before she heads off to Mexico for a friends wedding), hung out with lots of pregnant women, checked out organic baby clothes at the local consignment store, picked up a treat at Whole Foods, and headed home, made lunch (and burned my finger for the third time this week on our new convection oven -- bleh!), chatted with David, took some belly photos, and updated this blog. All before 2pm. It's nice to have a busy day. Keeps me distracted and not thinking about how my honey is away for the week.

Good thing I have the baby to keep me company. ;)

+ Updated: Baby has the hiccups! (We now know that our little one has already turned and is in position! All right, little Leyba!)
+ Had a great visit with my mom last week! The baby wishlist is now almost ready to go online.
+ So upset that I can't go help with the San Francisco Bay cleanup efforts. One of the downsides of being pregnant.
+ On the upside, my skin is the clearest its been in over a decade. (I need to take comfort in the small things. Pregnancy, while rewarding and totally worth it, can be ass-kicking.)

Recent flickr favorites:

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Thanks for the update! I was thinking about you today, knowing David was off to CO. So glad you had such a fun filled day! Keep busy and loved the photos!!! Keep us posted on all news Spritzer Leyba! ;o)


Posted by Mom on November 13, 2007

So glad you are busy, happy and doing well!
This time will seem very short in retrospect ~ so glad you are savoring this time, and love how you have the photos to prove it!


Posted by Mom on November 17, 2007

Preparation Methods November 4, 2007

In our house David and I each have our own way of getting ready for the baby. While I'm reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, David is reading Calvin and Hobbs collections. I think they are equally valid (and could be a good commentary on differences between the sexes).


Hahahahaha!!! Love the Calvin and Hobbes thing...I think I like David's method better!! Love the belly pics btw!!

Posted by Christina on November 5, 2007

One of you is preparing for physical sustenance, the other for emotional development (though neither exclusively).

Posted by Tim on November 10, 2007

Month Six Poll November 1, 2007

Before we hit month seven of the pregnancy, I thought it would be fun to post monthly polls about the baby. Take your best guess!

Updated: the biggest problem with this poll thing is that we don't know who's voting! So, please leave us a quick comment if you do vote. And NEXT TIME we are totally going to do this poll in the comments section and skip this whole fancy voting application thing! No more of this voting anonymity crap. Consider yourself warned.


i voted blond, cause, like, genetics. :)

Posted by mara on November 2, 2007

Wow, no one is fessing up to their votes...

I picked Brown, just because. It's a fairly popular hair color! :)

Posted by Tyler on November 2, 2007

i voted brown! :-)

Posted by Alice on November 7, 2007

I vote for strawberry blond!

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on November 10, 2007

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