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Query July 25, 2007

We're thinking about buying a digital camcorder and we'd appreciate any suggestions that you may have about brands, models, specs, etc. We're primarily planning on taking videos to post on this website, but would like the option of making dvds for our families too (so the resolution would have to be fairly high). We are already fans of Canon and Sony digital cameras, but are open to just about anything compatible with our PC computers. Oh, and our budget is modest. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help!


Giant cake for two July 19, 2007

Earlier this month we celebrated our wedding anniversary and David's birthday. We baked one amazing strawberry shortcake (David's choice! My favorite!), half of which is now in the freezer. David worked from home and then had holiday, so we spent three super chill, relaxing days together. And in typical Spritzer Leyba fashion, we celebrated with great food (Vietnamese and Japanese) and no presents or cards. It was so us and just perfect.

This week I've been out of commission with a head cold. Yesterday I started to feel more energized and am no longer blowing my nose every 10 minutes, so I think I am on the mend (just in time for David to catch it, poor guy). On the flip side, the perks of being sick include lots of yummy comfort food, catching the episode of Voyager where Seven becomes part of the crew (!), and reading several books cover to cover. It's been restful, it's been relaxing, and now that I am totally bored out of my mind, I am ready to feel good already and get back to normal life! I mean, who has ever heard of getting a cold in July?! Sheesh. I want to get out and exercise already! Now that is true dedication.

It's almost the weekend of Harry Potter. Who else is totally pumped?! (Btw, David and I both felt that the new Order of the Phoenix movie was a dud --- I could go on and on about it's shortfalls, but perhaps that will be a post for a later time. Back to the couch, I go! Stay healthy, everyone!)


Sorry, but we have a date with Harry Potter... July 11, 2007

Maybe I just needed to post once to get my posting-groove back on. Inspiration abounds!

Reading about Mary Beth's kitchen renovation project made me chuckle. She writes, "[her husband] Iain has 10 days to get this done, because then the last Harry Potter will arrive and he won't be doing anything but breathing and reading until he's finished it." I can totally relate. We have our calender cleared for next weekend and that's a feat in itself.

As we have with the last few Harry Potter books, David and I plan to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) aloud to each other, taking turns as our voices start to go. We love this ritual: sharing the book together and really savoring it, because reading aloud forces us to absorb each and every word (we can't skim ahead!).

I feel bittersweet about this final book. I cannot wait to hang out with my favorite characters, yet dread the end of the series and saying goodbye to this wonderful world.


Can TOTALLY relate!! The last book came out when I had just arrived in Paris...thank god for WH Smith and I was a reading vegetable for nearly a week. It was about the same time that Matthieu got a Play Station 2 as a present so we were both in our own little worlds :)

Posted by Christina (Tina) on July 12, 2007

hey carrie full of pounds of peaches -


saw you were loving dar williams - very cool, i dig her pretty hard. you have to check out the end of the summer album and her new one is good too. i get goose bumps thinking about her stuff! also, check out mason jennings..he's got songs up on myspace and I think he's just incredible...you dont find stuff as good as his too often

sounds like you guys are having a lovely summer. enjoy!



ps i only shop at trader joes and whole foods and the farmers markets around here...def expensive but worth it :)

Posted by aviva on July 13, 2007

Overheard in Whole Foods July 10, 2007

"Honey, I don't think they sell Trader Joe's brand beans here." Really, you think?! They were a darling older couple and it just cracked me up.

By the way, I have been much more aware of price differences lately between stores here. Organic items such as sprouted bread, cheese, cereal, cottage cheese, rice pasta, and jam are MUCH cheaper at Trader Joe's. Things like nuts, dried fruit, and omega-3 fortified eggs are cheaper at Whole Foods. For our veggies and fruits, we pretty much stick to the Farmer's Market, which is now in full swing (thank goodness!). We've been eating a total of about 10 pounds of peaches, plums, and nectarines weekly. We just can't resist prices less than two dollars a pound for pesticide-free fruit (versus over four dollars a pound at Whole Paycheck). It's Spritzer Leyba heaven!


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