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Mollie Katzen is a genus. January 30, 2007

Please pardon my little Mollie Katzen love fest that has been going on for several weeks on this blog. I've been cooking my way through her cookbooks and I cannot gush enough. Every single recipe we have made has been phenomenal.

Last night was no exception. We made her lentil soup with a hint of fruit (i.e. dried apricots and balsamic vinegar) --- so delicious! We used our fabulous fifteen year old balsamic vinegar from Italy and increased the amount of dried apricots. Yum-o! This morning the leftovers thickened up a bit and it was even better. Thank you, Mollie Katzen.

Inspired by Helen Jane, we have started planning ahead and writing up our weekly menu. Coming up on our list this week: fried cauliflower cakes, spiced pineapple pilaf with spicy beans, savory apple casserole, zucchini-crusted pizza, and noodles with crispy green beans, garlic and chilies. Should be yummy! (I'll keep you posted!)

All this cooking is keeping me busy and, believe me, that is a good thing.


Upcoming Natal Day January 25, 2007

David turned to me the other day and asked me what I want for my birthday in two weeks.

I replied without missing a beat, "Something from Tiffany's."

His response, "Ha!" (i.e. I don't think so. Nice try.)

(last year my parents gave me a beautiful "C" necklace from Tiffany's for my birthday--my parents totally rock!)

My husband is so practical and I really love him for that.

(But isn't my necklace so cute?! I wear it all the time. I could really use another. Maybe in a heart shape?!)


I have been wanting that necklace in "b" for a long, long time, and Shaun got it for me for Christmas this year! I love it and wear it all the time too!

Posted by Beth on January 28, 2007

so pretty!!! this is such an easy thing for guys! get her something from tiffany's and there will be no complaints. i don't know what they're moaning and groaning about.

Posted by andrea on January 28, 2007

Way overpriced for sterling. I guess I just don't see the appeal of Tiffany's. Sure the necklace is cute, but if you could get something that looked the same, made of the same materials, for a third of the price, why wouldn't you?

Happy birthday, by the way!

Posted by Nikki on February 3, 2007

Everday life January 24, 2007

I love these stamps. My grandmother and aunt sent them to me, along with 25¢ stamps, so I could use them for letters. One day last fall, out of the blue, I received a packet of hundreds of stamps of Martin Luther King Jr., endangered flora, the 1980 Olympics, pine trees, ancient pottery, owls, US architecture, and these beautiful masks... Aren't they lovely?! They are my favorites.


Other favorites today: casseroles from Mollie Katzen, blue beads and beading projects, frozen mangos, homemade flax/almond/sunflower/apple/date fruit leather (we finally broke down and bought a dehydrator--it's great!), Pandora internet radio (thanks Paul and Mom!), orange slices, quilt pieces, lovely websites, and the latest issue of Domino magazine.


Several authors of my favorite websites are releasing books! I am so excited. Learn about Heidi Swanson's new vegetarian cookbook: Super Natural Cooking: Five Delicious Ways: To Incorporate Whole & Natural Ingredients into Your Cooking and craft blog author Amy Karol's Bend-the-Rules Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew.


January 2007?! January 11, 2007

I can't believe it's mid-January! I think it's time for us to take down the holiday cards on our mantle. (What you can't see in this picture is David's new mountain bike in front of the fireplace -- yes, it's in our living room. It's like a family member.)

Our colds are almost gone. We're still blowing our noses like crazy and I'm feeling oh-so tired, but otherwise we are on the mend. (It is so nice being able to sleep through the night comfortably!) In the meantime, I am enjoying my midday naps.

Yesterday Christana came over and I made a delicious cauliflower-cheese pie with a potato crust from Mollie Katzen's The Moosewood Cookbook (one of my favorite cookbooks). It was so simple to make and delicious! We had a great time together -- yay for fun social time. I love hosting friends at our house. This weekend we are planning a game night to try out some of our holiday game-related gifts. Should be fun!


By the way, I've been updating my links page on a daily basis. Check out my del.icio.us links section for interesting articles and blog posts.

I am also trying to update our photos page more regularly. Photos from Julia's birthday, April's baby shower, my bridal shower, and Biosphere 2 are now online. (Look for more photographs coming soon!)


Birthday surprise January 11, 2007

Last week I flew up to Oregon to surprise my cousin Julia on her twenty-first birthday! My aunt Deborah-Miriam picked me up from the airport; we picked up party supplies from the neighborhood dollar store, and then snuck me into the house (unbeknownst to Julia). Julia read her birthday card from Grandma -- about how Grandma hoped Julia would like her birthday present because it was non-refundable and then I jumped in the room with balloons! It was great. (I totally cried.) Julia was stunned and so surprised and just thrilled. We had a wonderful three-day visit together eating ice-cream cake, opened presents, played Mad Libs, eating yummy sushi, touring around the area, going out for breakfast, watching movies, looking at family pictures, singing songs (we worked our way through Rise Up Singing!), celebrating a late Hanukah together, teaching me how to crochet, and even went hot tubing early in the morning with snowflakes fluttering around us. We had such a good time! Oregon was so beautiful: I loved the orchards and farms everywhere, the charming towns, and the people were so nice. I had a fantastic time. Click here to view photos from my trip!


Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007 January 1, 2007

2006 has flown by. So much has happened to us. What a year of self-discovery and self-growth! In April we took a huge leap and gambled our routine, comfort, and love of Boulder for new exciting adventures in California when David accepted his job here. We've moved, changed jobs and switched "roles" (I cook and do the laundry now!), met new people, and discovered new things (like knitting and mountain biking!). We've hosted friends and toured around San Francisco and Sonoma County. Thankfully David loves his job and we are both so happy. 2006 has been good to us.

As for 2007, my goals for the upcoming year are more continuations of our 2006 activities than far-reaching changes in our lifestyle. In 2007 I want to continue to exercise daily, practice yoga, expand my cooking menu, become a more advanced knitter, devote more time to photography, and keep smiling. The only really big and important goal for me in 2007 is to meet more people my age that are living here. I want more social time! I have high hopes for 2007.

What are some of your plans for the upcoming year?


I think some of our goals dovetail. I also am planning to exercise more this year (3-4 times a week), do more yoga and meditation, and slow down a little bit with life. I'm also spending less time online (yes, this is ironic, given that I am reading your blog!).

Happy New Year!

Posted by Matt Brenner on January 3, 2007

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