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Harvest time September 29, 2006

We had a fantastic time with David's aunt and uncle last weekend. We visited four wineries and tasted countless first-rate wines, ate at two phenomenal restaurants in the Napa Valley, toured around, saw some giant redwood trees, and had a relaxing, fun time together. David even went to the Eagles game in San Francisco with Michael and had a blast! (Wonders never cease.)

This upcoming week Christana and I plan to hit another museum in San Francisco for free and I have several web projects to finish up. In the meantime, I've added more pictures to our Summer in California 2006 photo gallery. Enjoy!


You guys are so cute! Looks you're having a blast. Right on! :)

Posted by aviva on October 2, 2006

You guys are so cute! Looks like you're having a blast. Right on! :)

Posted by AvIvA on October 2, 2006

David, shorn September 18, 2006

For the first time in about 15 years, David has short hair!

We both love it!

I was surprised by how different he looks. I continually stared at his hair all weekend trying to get used to it and, let me tell you, it drove him nuts! :) I also took lots of pictures. Anyhow, I think he looks super hot!

We had a really fun and relaxing weekend: spent Saturday up in Healdsburg with Christana and Richard and yesterday afternoon at the beach! Also did lots of errands and cleaning -- David's aunt and uncle are visiting us this week!


Whoa. David really does look good with short hair.

Posted by Miriam on September 24, 2006

it looks really good!

Posted by andrea on October 1, 2006

OMG!!!! David cut his hair! WOW! I'm glad you think it's sexy, because I know how much you loved his long hair too. Wy did he decide to make the change?

Posted by Aida on October 8, 2006

Daily fitness routine September 15, 2006

Nearly every day I run through Howarth Park and then around Spring Lake (shown at right). Some days I bike, some days I walk instead, and some days -- like yesterday -- I forgo the parks completely in favor of our yoga class.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


VIDEO: Wedding Reception September 13, 2006

"You just want to get me trashed!"

Wedding Reception on Vimeo

I've posted a clip from our wedding reception in July of 2005. Watch David feed me vodka and rum infused fruit, with bridesmaid Kate-Robin, best man Gavin, and maid-of-honor Laura. Yes, a whole minute and twenty seconds devoted to our kick-ass and oh-so-strong punch! (And, yes, after this clip, more alcohol consumption, much dancing, and even more hilarity ensued!)


Summer in California September 11, 2006

I've added some photos from over the summer. Enjoy!


Golden Gate Park September 7, 2006

Christana and I stumbled upon the Golden Gate Park Botanical Gardens on our excursion south on Tuesday!

(The museums are free on the first Tuesday of each month. We also hit the Asian Art and de Young Museums!)

The gardens were beautiful--such species diversity and what a pleasant surprise! We walked and talked and took photos and enjoyed seeing giant tree ferns, flowering bushes, sweet smelling trees, ancient agave plants, and gigantic flowers the size of a hat!

I was pleasantly surprised by some of the plants that can grow here in California and even wrote down the names of several species to add to my when-I-have-a-garden wish list. (Yes, ever the botanist.)

We had a lovely afternoon.


VERY short hair September 4, 2006

David (!) cut my hair super short over the weekend.

It's so short in the front and even shorter in the back.


In fact, I love it so much that I am planning on keeping it this short for a while.

Of course, I also love the idea of not having to pay for my haircuts. (Over the course of several years, that's some serious money saved.)

Thank you for the trim, David!


That picture makes your neck look really long. Cute haircut, too. I've been growing my hair out for a while now, so I'll keep it until I can play with it again. It's almost long enough to french braid.

Posted by Miriam on September 7, 2006

Oh-so-social September 1, 2006

We had a great time with David's cousin Rachel and her boyfriend Ed who visited us this past weekend from New Jersey! We visited Muir Woods, two different beaches, San Francisco's Fisherman's Warf (we saw playful sea lions!), Healdsburg's downtown square (with fabulous fabric, antique and candy stores!), breakfasted in Glen Elen, and walked the Golden Gate Bridge! We had tasty food, lots of milk shakes, watched great movies, and had a fabulous time!

Since Ed and Rachel departed on Tuesday I've had lots more social time with Jacqui and Christana (two days in a row!). I've also begun making Hanukah presents (think hot pink and fuzzy), shot photos of Christana's jewelry portfolio, run around Spring Lake every day, continued my new gig as a computer tutor, and took a dip in our hot tub and swam some laps. This weekend we are having friends over for dinner, going for a bike ride and hike, and planning on resting up over a glorious three-day break!


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