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Excursion to San Francisco July 4, 2006

We always have such a great time with Julia. Yesterday we had incredibly tasty broccoli with prawns and mu shu shrimp at Hunan Home's and enjoyed walking around Chinatown and Little Italy. Here are the cousins, looking cute while goofing off in Chinatown:

More photos posted at Flickr.


Hi - I found your site via a few photos of your friends' cob house bottle wall on your previous photoblog. My husband's next book is on sustainability etc. and we just got back from doing the June Earthship seminar in Taos. I returned with a pretty developed fascination for the bottle walls in the Earthships and am getting started on doing a wall in my garden as practice for ripping-out-and-replacing one of my interior house walls. My email address is here -- I would love to talk to you (or your friends, perhaps more appropriately?) about the actual construction of the bottle wall and their lessons/advice. I would like to do the two-ends-taped-together type wall inside the house, like at the Earthships, so more light shows through. But I'm a newby when it comes to mortar and techniques and so on, and the internet has been uncharacteristically bereft in terms of serious detail and how-to stuff on the subject of bottle walls.

So if you wouldn't mind, I'd love if you were in touch. Thanks so much. All the best, A

Posted by Ashley on July 11, 2006

It sure looks like you and David are getting to know Julia.



Posted by Daddy on July 12, 2006

Hi Carrie, very long time no see! I got your facebook invite by email, but I'm not really on top of the facebook thing, so I finally had the wherewithal to find your website to get in touch. Congratulations on getting married! It would be a lot of fun to catch up. Drop me an email if you have a chance. Hope all's well.

Posted by Adam Goldfarb on July 25, 2006

uh- what, too busy to post?!!! I know you've been going nonstop, and I checked your journal to see what's been happening & the last post is from July 4th! So that's clinches it! You and David are great hosts! No wonder you've had so much company!

Hope all's well & you enjoyed seeing Joe Tom ~

Love and hugs,

Posted by Mom on August 6, 2006

First Anniversary July 3, 2006

Today is our first wedding anniversary! Amazing that it was only a year ago when we joined hands and married ourselves surrounded by our loved ones on a windy hilltop in Boulder. Here's to many, many more years like this one, happy and healthy and heads over heals in love with each other!


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