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Last Day. April 16, 2006

Views of my gigantic office with its glorious wall of four windows.

Friday was my last day of full-time work. It was a bittersweet and long day, and a rather momentous event in my life. Slowly I am unwinding and already feel less stressed and sleeping better. I am wondering how long the vacation feeling will last before I start itching to begin work again, and if our plans go through I will be telecommuting part-time from California. In the meantime, let the packing continue and the partying begin!


Congratulations!!! You did an amazing job at M&W! I am so proud of you ~

Yes, time for all of the things you enjoy doing, at a more leisurely pace ~

I'm so happy for you! And for David, too, with his exciting new job just waiting for him! I know you will both really enjoy CA ~ And we are looking forward to visiting you ~


Posted by Mom on April 16, 2006

Two weeks left in Colorado April 8, 2006

This morning I got my hair cut short. Natalie Portman short. In celebration of my newfound buzz, we went to see V for Vendetta... again. I definitely enjoyed it much more this second time, because I could focus on the dialogue and characters, rather than the suspense and overarching disturbing themes of the film. I really hope Natalie gets an Oscar nomination; I thought she was absolutely brilliant and even more so this time around.

This past week I found myself, once again, out in the field observing water well drilling. There is something fitting--and full circle--about being out in the field with the drillers during my second to and last weeks of work. Luckily the wells are not 24-hour gigs, so I am working semi-sane hours and getting regular sleep. I enjoy the time outside and the meeting of new people. This upcoming week--my last week in the office--should be incredibly busy and stressful as I finish up several large projects and smoothly (fingers crossed) transition my clients to other staff members. It will be a long and emotional week, but I am hopeful that we will all end up in a good place... I am very looking forward to this upcoming break. Starting week after next, I will have a minimum of 53 more hours per week for myself for a little while, since I won't be working full time and commuting and (sometimes) taking a lunch hour. Oh, I feel so burnt out. I can't wait to sleep in past 6 in the morning every day of the week and have time for my photography, quilting, jewelry making, reading during the day, cooking, knitting, website design, swimming, yoga, long walks (and short runs), and trips to the beach. Isn't it exciting?!

In the meantime our time in Boulder continues. We keep packing and cleaning and organizing. We are spending lots of time with friends. Today I found a beautiful dress for an upcoming wedding, tomorrow we keep with the tradition of breakfast with Stefan (Thorsten has returned to Germany and we miss him!), and two weeks from Tuesday we head to California.

Oh, I am so excited.

Some of our guests at the last Spritzer Leyba wine and cheese party in Boulder; from left to right: Jenny, Joe, Dan, Oak, Tim, David, and Stefan. We had a great time!

*** Added some more link love, updated the archives, and found a most inspiring site.


Way to bust the buzz! Do we get pics of the 'do?

Posted by Tim on April 10, 2006

Hi CC! Oops - I hadn't read this entry ~ You got a SHORT haircut?!!!! I bet you look so cute! Good thing I read this tonite before we see you next weekend, so I didn't faint! :o)

Hope all's going well and NO DRIVE TO WORK tomorrow morning! :o)

Can't wait- seeing you soon!


Posted by Mom on April 16, 2006

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