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Santa Rosa Countdown March 27, 2006

We've lined up a place to live for when we move. I am so ready to enjoy the comforts of a dishwasher, walk-in closet, air conditioning, and fireplace for the first time in many years, not to mention amenities such as a fitness center and pool. Downsizing is worth it. I can't wait to swim every day all summer.

Spring appears to be on its way to Boulder with warm days this past weekend. I am SO ready to say goodbye to winter. I say yay for moving to a place without cold winters.

Oh, and we've also been battling hives galore brought on by gluten/rice (me) and nightshades such as potato and tomato (David) and exasperated by stress. A few weeks ago I made a long list of restaurants we wanted to eat in before we left, but now with all of these food allergies we've decided to just eat where we can, when we can. We enjoyed nachos at the Lazy Dog on Saturday and brunched at Sunflower on Sunday. I just want to get one last meal in at Trilogy Wine Bar before we say goodbye to Boulder and I'll be happy.

The house is slowly being packed away. We're in the process of gathering items for our yard sale. We've been getting together with and starting to say goodbye to friends. And I only have three weeks left of work. Time is flying by and we are so excited!

4/7 UPDATE: So much for downsizing! Evidently our new apartment is the same size as our current house. All right! We lose one bedroom and gain a walk-in closet/better floorplan and there you go.

David's new bosses sent him an iPod Nano as a welcome to the company gift! While I think it's fabulous, I am so freaking jealous. Good thing David is so generous and is willing to share.


Awww. I had nachos at lazy dog with you guys :) And you'd better have a chocolate martini for me when you go for your last meal at Trilogy. I am so excited for you guys... perhaps I'll just have to plan a trip to California now. (there are some perks to having family all over the country...)

love you guys!

Posted by Rachel on March 31, 2006

Carrie and David

The apartment looks great. I wonder what it would be like to "crash" in the living room!



Posted by Carrie's Dad on April 5, 2006

Hey Carrie!

Sounds exciting -- all that change and a new place with fun new amenities -- just being in CA, that beautiful sunny place! Wow!

Sorry about the food allergies. That really sucks. I just heard about this magazine the other day that covers that topic:


take care!


Posted by Aviva on April 6, 2006

Sounds great! I think I'll be between stress periods when you arrive, so we should definitely hang out!

Anyway, my mother has been going swimming almost every day since moving to California - the pool is heated in the winter, and it doesn't rain much where they are, so this is really year-round. And since she started going out in the winter, she's been able to start tanning for the first time in her life!

Posted by Kenny Easwaran on April 9, 2006

Big News March 22, 2006

Our entire world is about to be turned upside down. David has accepted a position in Santa Rosa, California, located an hour north of San Francisco in the heart of Wine County. The position and company were both top choices for David and he is so excited about getting to work. Despite our sadness at leaving Boulder and our friends here, we are thrilled to have an amazing opportunity like this in such a beautiful part of the country. We are ecstatic!

More details coming soon.

*** Some relevant links: Agilent, City of Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Sonoma County Wine Country.


Wow, how exciting! And what a nice place to live. Do you know, Carrie, what you will be doing?

Posted by Matt on March 14, 2006

I have some work to do, but was looking to stall just a bit longer . . . thought I'd stop by for a visit. I love your website and, being less technologically inclined, am amazed by your talents.

Exciting news! I'm so thrilled for you both and wish you loads of happiness and good fortune. What a beautiful part of the world to call home. Now you'll be shoring up the west coast Miller contingency with Bette and Laura!


Posted by Cousin Barbara on March 18, 2006

Hi guys, This is Carrie Simon's Mom writing. I've looked at your site a couple of times and don't know why I stopped by today. Great news about your job David. My Carrie will be sad to hear you are leaving when she is coming back about May 10th. We just returned from a visit to her island of South Caicos. It is a wonderful place and Carrie has done a lot of good work there. So, if you are in touch, let her know you are leaving Colorado. I think I've been to Santa Rosa. It is a lovely area. Hope to see you both again someday. Jean Simon

Posted by Jean Simon on March 21, 2006

hi carrie!

congratulations to david on his job! are you excited about going to california? sounds like a great place to be! :) you'll be able to see kenny and yuni! best of luck with the packing and everything else!


Posted by celina on March 21, 2006

Breakfast routine March 5, 2006

We have a new wonderful weekend tradition that involves breakfast with Thorsten and Stefan. Always fun and interesting, I look forward to our time together.


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